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It Was A Beautiful World
It was a beautiful world, where I was perfectly content with loneliness. Then he came into my life and I didn’t want to be a single soul anymore. I wanted to feel the warmth of another’s embrace, to hear the sound of a symphony of laughter, and not just my own at my own stupidity. Seventeen years of nothing but empty words and almost meaningful relationships had me almost ready to give up. And after two more months, I just about did. Four more months and again I was on the verge of breaking. My therapist told me it was ‘withdrawal’ I hated him for saying that; because I had spent my life, teaching myself and learning to be my own best friend, so the idea that I relied on others frustrated me to a point where I just about lost my mind.
That was why I had to be alone, because the moment anyone showed me any kind of kindness, I would no longer be able to stand myself. I can’t stand myself. I can’t stand being alone with myself. Ironic, since I am by mys
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Draw A Circle
Draw a circle. That’s the earth. And that is how it all began. One moment, I was just an average girl, and the next I was being sucked into the historical anime comedy known as… Hetalia. It became more than just a show; it became a way of life; affecting not just me, but people around me, and the people around the people around me.
My first symptom was obsession with the show. I constantly watched episode after episode. It did not help that each episode was only five minutes long however; it did allow me to cover that much more ground in the series. The second symptom I realized I had developed; I was always humming or singing the theme song. (Of which I had over twenty versions downloaded onto my ipod.) It’s catchy and sticks in your head like gum in your hair. It doesn’t even matter that the whole thing is in Japanese. Then I began adapting the verbal ticks of each of the characters, whom, of course are personified countries so of course the all have an accent
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RussiaxChina: Korea's Diary
Russia x China: Korea’s Diary
Author’s note: I will not classify this as anything more than PG 13, this has mild language and some inappropriate references, however it’s not enough for me to put a warning on it, so this is your warning. Also, this is a DIARY ENTRY and it is Korea’s diary entry. So yes, the grammar, spelling and phrasing may be a bit off. That is no mistake. I did it on purpose.
Dear Diary,
So today was a really weird day for me. Today Aniki and his boss had a meeting with Mr. Russia’s boss. Then Mr. Russia’s boss started bashing Aniki (oh, Mr. Russia was there too) about how he couldn’t control Hong Kong or whatever and how it made him a bad parent or something then he started saying that if he couldn’t control Hong, he wouldn’t get a merger or alliance or cookies… I can’t remember. So, then Aniki’s boss got mad at Mr. Russia’s boss and they started fighting. It is funny when two old men try
:iconhevana:hevana 7 4
Call me Sal by hevana Call me Sal :iconhevana:hevana 4 0
Ace x Spade Ch 6: Pushed Down and Buried
Chapter 6: Pushed Down and Buried
Spade told Ace everything that she could remember from the party, including the part where Randall had kissed her. Afterwards Ace filled her in on all the details she was missing, not including the part where he had kissed her. However, Spade could not work in her condition. It would be weeks before she could shoot a gun again. Ace was strict with her; constantly making sure she was not pushing herself. If her muscles were permanently damaged, it could mean she could never shoot straight again. That being said, Spade was not the type to sit around patiently doing nothing. She was rapidly beginning to annoy Ace.
“Ace!” She called. Ace opened the door to her room and raised an eyebrow at her.
“Now what do you want?” he grunted.
“Any word from Randall or Queenie?” she asked innocently. She was anything but. Ace struck his forehead with his hand.
“For the eleventh time, NO. Now get some rest, please, for gods sake
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Ace x Spade Ch 5: Hesitation
Chapter 5: Hesitation
“And that is all I know.” Randall finished. Spade was not satisfied.
“That is not a lot to go on is it?” she said, folding her arms over her chest.
“Well that is all I have to tell you, the joker has been coming to us for money.”
“But why does the Joker need money in the first place? As the head mafia of the city he controls the banks dose he not?”
“I asked Cynthia the same thing but she wouldn’t tell me.” Spade though it over in her head but no matter how she spun it something didn’t fit. “But, I still think you ought to talk to Billy, I honestly think that the clubs know something, I don’t like to associate with them, but lately they have been acting suspicious.”
“I haven’t spoken to Billy in years.” Spade sighed.
“But he and your father were good friends, they trusted each other.”
“I am not my father Randall, not even close.” Randa
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Ace x Spade Ch 4: Snake Eyes
Chapter 4: Snake Eyes
“I honestly didn’t expect you to show up,” a voice whispered in Spades ear, tickling her skin with his breath. Spade turned around to find herself starring into a familiar dark brown eye; a straight curtain of white blonde hair covered the other eye. Randall smirked. He pulled back enough so that Spade had a better view of him, Ace turned around as well, and looked him over. He was in a white tux with a black collar, and a royal blue bowtie with the diamond crest pined to his breast pocket. He cocked his head at Ace.
“Is this your date?” he asked as if he were holding back a laugh. Ace kept his composure.
“Her boss.” Ace corrected, gripping Stefano’s cane tightly. Randall raised his eyebrows and stroked his chin.
“Oh that’s right you two re-started the Spades mafia again didn’t you…” Randall turned his attention back to Spade; he took her hand in his and placed a kiss on it. Ace watched
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Ace x Spade Ch 3: Black and White
Chapter 3: Black and White
Ace furrowed his eyebrows, “Who is Randall?” he asked. Spade hesitated.
“…oh he’s just my on-again-off-again-boyfriend… and it sounds like he wants to get it back on…” Ace’s jaw dropped.
“Boyfriend? When was this?”
“Two years ago we only went out for a month,” she paused, “and then we went out again last year for eight months…”
“Eight months, and you never told me about this?” Ace’s voice was beginning to grow louder, Spade rolled her eyes.
“Eight months, and you never caught on. Just proves that you have no idea what I do when I leave the house.” She smirked, and Aces face when red. He crossed his arms, and his expression darkened.
“Did you sleep with him?”  Once again Spade hesitated.
She sighed, “whether or not I slept with him is not important, what is important is that he is the right hand of the Diamond maf
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Monologue of a Broken Car
Someone who has never been broken cannot put someone who is back together again. Just like someone who has never fixed a car engine before cannot get to his destination once the engine gives out. My heart has given out, my heart and my will. I am broken; but I do not expect someone to come and fix me. I am not sure that I really want them to. After being alone and neglected for so many years, I suppose I am used to it. Anything else just feels off. Like that car that’s engine gave out and was abandoned on the side of the road by its owner because he had no clue how to fix it. The car is left rusting in the rain and harsh sunlight for years with no one to tend to it. After so long it is beyond repair. Just like me. I cry sometimes, for no reason at all; then, when I should cry, I can’t; I breakdown more than an old rusty car that’s engine keeps overheating. You can always tell when I am on the verge of losing it: I start shaking my hands as if I was trying to dry them
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I seriously want it to stop. It has never been this bad before... and it has never lasted this long, I keep telling my self that I should be happy, that there is nothing to be sad about but it doesn't work. Have you ever felt so utterly sad, and really wanted to talk to someone about it but you didn't want to bother anyone with your problems? 


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hey im hevana nice to meet you uh well im a human and uh an aryist i love to sing and write oh i can play the piano i dont know my eye colour (they r always changing) latly ive been feeling really depressed for no apparent reason.... i would love some positive comments on anything so i can have a bit of self esteem

AT ask account: :iconaskalbinoprincess:
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